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CasinoHEX joins Black Pudding as a partner

We can announce that Black Pudding Games and Swedish CasinoHEX have become partners. Black Pudding Games was founded in 2018 by a trio of like-minded mavericks with a combined experience of over 30 years in the casino gaming and entertainment industry. Some of our most popular games are Squeaky Blinders, Bun in the Oven, Squeaky Blinders and Aeterna. Black Pudding Games is about not only thinking different, but doing different. We prefer to avoid describing their own motivation with stereotypical terms of being “disruptive” and driven by a “passion for gaming”, so we choose to describe themselves as curious: “In both senses of the word.”

Over to CasinoHEX. For anyone who does not know, CasinoHEX is an online gambling guide, created for all those who want to know more about different online casinos and the most popular online casino games. On the site you can read reviews about casinos, game developers and casino games. In addition to this, CasinoHEX offers a wide range of free casino games of different types, of course including games from Black Pudding.

Dejan Bogdanovic, swedish CasinoHEX’s regional manager said: “CasinoHEX is pleased to announce this partnership and is looking forward to a successful collaboration with Black Pudding Games. Given this partnership, Black Pudding can now share details with CasinoHEX relating to upcoming releases and innovations within its portfolio, strengthening the content and improving the user experience for CasinoHEX’s visitors.”

At the same time, Black Pudding’s games will reach a new market, consisting of CasinoHEX visitors.