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Casino Kings post glowing Aeterna Review

The good folks over at Casino Kings have reviewed our slot game Aeterna; and it’s safe to say that they’re impressed. Currently standing at a more than respectable 4.5 out of 5 stars, the Kings of Online Casino had this to say:

“Aeterna is an online slot like no other, boasting a revolutionary Orbital Reactor™ engine never before seen. Fittingly for a futuristic game set in deep space, the reels spin in orbit as we look to match game symbols around the edge of the orbits – on the Orbital Paypath. Effectively Aeterna is a three reel slot but the three reels spin around each other rather than side by side, like a rotating wheel space station out of a sci-fi film.”

and about the bonus features:

“Just like the base game the bonus features are truly innovative and revolutionary, and are similar in that way to Lady Earth from Crazy Tooth Studios, another online slot game that reinvents the standard way of doing things to deliver a unique gaming experience”

Over at Casino Kings, they’ve not just got Aeterna, but all three of our wicked-smart scratchcards – Bun in the Oven, Slice & Dice, and Squeaky Blinders. All they’re missing is our latest and greatest, Atomic Reactor (get with the times guys, seriously!), so why not head on over and give them a spin?