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Bubble Bonanza™ is an original Gridluck™ title created by Black Pudding Games to appeal to fans of casual gaming and provide a welcome alternative to the routine slew of slots that are the usual fare for players at online casinos. Simple and intuitive to play, Bubble Bonanza™ gives players a compelling, interactive gameplay with occasional strategic decisions to make, but also offers a maths model that can offer the tantalising prospect of making them a very big winner within seconds!

The game has also been conceived from the start to be perfect for portrait presentation on mobile handsets to make it ideal for one-handed play for punters on the go.

Game Features

Gridluck™ Bonus

Players must pick from a row of three to uncover the ‘upgrade symbol’. With three ‘lives’ available to the player, they must choose carefully and ‘upgrade’ their way through the 11 levels of the game to hit the jackpot of x10,000 their stake!

Gamble Feature

Depending on how many lives they have left, the player may be presented with the chance to gamble their current prize level for a bigger offer – or reject it and see if they can go even higher!

Base Game Format Gridluck™ Instant Win
Win Rule Find 4+ Win Symbols Before Losing 3 Lives
RTP 93.00%
Min/Max Bet 0.10 / 10.00
Max Payout 10,000x Total Bet