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Bun In the Oven is the second, freshly baked Super Selector™ Scratchcard from the playful pâtissiers at Black Pudding games.

Under the watchful eye of the all-Ireland, bare-knuckle baking champion – the mighty Pat O’Cake – your challenge is to create a perfect bake by turning out three matching buns behind the steamed-up door of Pat’s oven. The fewer picks you need to reveal a matching trio of sweet treats, the bigger win Pat will pay for your pastry prowess. But beware . . . fail to cook up three-of-kind in the batch of nine buns and your hopes of getting paid by Pat, like the hapless buns in your charge, will go up in flames!

Game Features:

Super Selector™ Bonus

A unique, interactive incentive that rewards any win more handsomely the fewer picks are needed to reveal it.

Custom Pattern Autoplay

An elegant and intuitive way for players to set their own lucky pattern of picks to use with Bun In The Oven’s Autoplay option.

Base Game Format Super Selector™ Scratchcard
Win Rule Match 3
RTP 96.00%
Min/Max Bet 0.10 / 10.00
Max Payout 1,000x Total Bet