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Taking the core appeal of the ubiquitous ‘Match 3’ online scratchcard formats, Slice & Dice™ is a playful re-imagining of these popular Instant Wins with a darkly humorous theme and Black Pudding’s unique Super Selector™ bonus feature.

Play Slice & Dice™ and you are cast as a top ‘scratchcard surgeon’ tasked with saving the lives of patients suffering the extremely rare, dice-related condition of Die-abetes. Every patient wheeled under your virtual scalpel is marked up with nine zones, each the site of an ingrowing casino die that must be quickly excised. Find three matching dice and you earn your surgical fee for that specific match. Better yet, the fewer incisions you make the bigger the win your skilful surgery commands! Fail to resect a therapeutic three-of-a-kind result and… well, you’ve lost the patient and the game.

Game Features:

Super Selector™ Bonus

A unique, interactive incentive that rewards any win more handsomely the fewer picks are needed to reveal it.

Custom Pattern Autoplay

An elegant and intuitive way for players to set their own lucky pattern of picks to use with Slice & Dice’s Autoplay option.

Base Game Format Super Selector™ Scratchcard
Win Rule Match 3
RTP 96.00%
Min/Max Bet 0.10 /10.00
Max Payout 1,000x Total Bet